Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blue Block and an Environment Update

Here's an update on the environment. I blue blocked the area then started working on base colors and meshes. The meshes are all base colors, so this is just stubbing in the models before really getting down into some zbrush high polys and texture stuff. Here they are:

Blue block

Just the beginning
Next will be caps for the edges and then some high poly pops. I'm no where near done with the props. I have a lot to still do. To switch it up, I may switch to the ice bolt and ice wall meshes and shader/materials so I don't get prop obsessed. Lighting is also no where near done. Ok I got to get the caps done, as soon as I get the props closer to painted, I'll post them in groups. Mmmmmyep! Having a blast working on this!

Update 2/17/13: Here's an initial grunge pass on the environment, need to make more props and yes the ICE.

Start to the grunge, need to make a lot of posters...
Update: 3/31/2013: Here are some posters and tags. Need to make more posters for the wall pieces.

Ibeam tags, signs and posters. Next more posters, a door dammit and ice!

Until next time!