Thursday, September 1, 2011

FX Optimization and where have I been

This post is about FX optimization... the good thing is, I'm not going to write it. Tim Elek over at Epic posted a great Wiki on particle system optimization with an easy to use link system based on potential problems and whatnot. If you work on particle systems and manage overdraw at all in Unreal this is an essential read.


Direct link to UDN FX Optimization

Tim's blog is here, it has some good insight on Epic and everything FX and Tim!

So where have I been?
The reason I haven't been around a lot is I'd been let go in the lay offs at Kaos, and I'd been looking for work for the last couple months. I will be working for Avalanche Studios starting in October. I'll be out of the country learning their tech and helping out until December, so I'm going to post a couple things before I go.Also I have plans for a series that will cover a number of non realistic fx from concept to completion. I will tentatively be calling it Magic show. The plan (for now) is to pick an element and build a set  of meshes, materials and particles from each type. I have a concept for Ice and fire, but after that building from the ground up and work it step by step in Unreal.

The next post will be more or less a basic materials set up for particle system types. This will not cover some of the more recent additions to Unreal's Cascade, but it will have the base that is necessary.

Until next time.

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  1. Avalanche as in avalanche in stockholm? If so, sweet! Renegade Ops has got some amazing FX so you'll get to work with some good people.

    Magic is my absolute favourite type of effect to work with. There is only so many times you can do the fire, the smoke and the sparks before it gets boring. With magic you get to use your imagination! Also, the full colour range. :)

    You better not leave us hanging. Get that series done and up!