Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magic Show Concept Update

I've been working on some concepts before diving head first into building. I realize that there hasn't been a lot of Visual effects posts in a while, but soon... SOON! I want to build an environment where I can work on some really cool looking effects, as I like to set things in context. That said, here are some concepts for some of the stuff I'll be working on in the coming months.

Here's a lighting concept for the environment. When the scene is complete, it will be chock filled with environmental effects. I need to do another concept of the exterior, but I can put it off for now. I need to get a listing of props I need to make and then get cracking:

Looking for some moody high contrast lighting for this one. 
Next is some the character. I was looking into someone who looks like a city bike courier or a non traditional athletic type. Posted are a close up of the pillars with the lighting paper seals.

Ideas for the character, and some of the light anchor tags.
Then finally here are some concepts for the ice spells that are going to be slung around. Been thinking about the shader for this a little, and its going to be pretty complex, as it needs to look like ice and be a magic transitional spell, as the ice lances are going to be kinetically brought into the spell... if that makes any sense. I need to do another concept for some of the secondary spell effects on his hands and the hit effects. The photos in the call out sheet are not mine, but the color combo, reflection and refraction are what I'm looking for in the shader.

On the left: ice lance/wall ideas, and on the right some great reference from the internet of ice!

Next it looks like I'll be posting some models and tests for the space.

Until next time.



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    1. Thanks! I'll be posting the base environment next. It will be pretty raw, no real textures or lighting, but it will be the beginnings that will be layered on. I wanted to get the base textures in then the grime stuff, then after that lighting...

      After that will be the character mesh and then the effects work... I may skip around and do some effects tests between the longer mesh issues. I want to get the ice shader/material done so I may jump to that after the base env.

      Thanks for the comment!


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  3. Great magic show concept provided by you just like the magician in NY. Keep posting Sir!